Gloomhaven Feature April 2020


Heavyweight Contender

In a time when large boardgames have become commonplace, Gloomhaven makes its mark as the Heavyweight Champion weighing in a 21 lbs. This game tips the scale with an unbelievable amount of, yes stuff, but content that breaks from typical game norms. With an ever evolving format that lets your party dictate what is happening in the world. Your party will ebb and flow as the story unfolds, with certain character classes and plot twists held back until certain conditions have been accomplished. Your party of 4 can choose from 6 character classes at the start of the campaign. You band of adventures begins and returns to the city of Gloomhaven; your home base of sorts. As your characters prosper so does the city, opening more opportunities to spend your hard won gold.

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2010-2020 The Decades
Best & Worst Games
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